The complete lyrical index of Howard's music.

aaaaa - the 5 a's album

The 5 A's album was an experimental album released in 1991, featuring 16 tracks to which Howard contributed 3 instrumental songs:
L'Homme Contre Danse,
Good Friday The 13th
Float 54

This album is very rare and was only ever released on Vinyl (Cat AVA5555)

Howard's artist friend, Steg, who created the artwork for the Human's Lib, Pefawm and the 5A's albums contributed to this album.

Steg say's: 'The 5A's..that's right, I'd forgotten about that sleeve. I did a painting for the front and one for the back. Also I was fairly instrumental in co-ordinating the project, contributing a couple of tracks and contributing to others. Although it was quite a while ago, it still has a some charm and three really great tracks by Howard, especially 'Float 54' which is a real gem!'

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