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Everything you could ever need to know to do with Howard's music can be found here. Whilst Howard has released material in other countries around the world, we have decided to only include the U.K. discography as this is the general release format which other countries followed. After all, Howard is also a British artist!

In the lyrics section, you will find the only 100% complete and accurate words to Howard's music on the Internet. These also include tracks that you may have heard at concerts that, for whatever reason, have not been released, or tracks Howard has written with other artists

The videos section has Howard's complete singles releases and also include some exclusive videos direct from the Official Howard Jones You Tube Channel.

You can download exclusive unreleased tracks and wallpapers in the exclusive downloads section. Simply click a subject heading and enjoy!


The complete UK Album, singles and Video discography

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The complete list of lyrics to every Howard Jones song which you may or may not have heard.



The complete promo collection and much more

sheet music / music books

The complete score to Howards first 4 albums and more.

The complete set of the original fan-club magazines from 1982-1989

exclusive downloads

Free stuff for you to download

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