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Here you can view each video for every single release that was made. All videos are hosted on The Official Howard Jones You Tube Channel, where you can find more exclusive videos and features.

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New Song
What is love?
Hide and Seek
Pearl In The Shell
Like To Get To Know You Well UK version
Like To Get To Know You Well US version
Things Can Only Get Better
Look Mama
Life In One Day
No One Is To Blame
All I Want
You Know I Love You...Don't You?
Everlasting Love
version 1
Everlasting Love
version 2
The Prisoner
Lift Me Up
Tears To Tell
Tomorrow Is Now
Let The People Have Their Say
Soon You'll Go
Building Our Own Future
Collaboration with National Geographic for Earth Day - 22/04/2010
Building Our Own Future
Howard Jones promo version
Ordinary Heroes - Bonus Tracks
Howard Jones Interviewed in Japan about the Bonus tracks on the Japanese album.
Ordinary Heroes
Japanese Commercial
25th Anniversary DVD sample
Celebrate Our Love
Robbie Bronnimann Remix
Hunt The Self
(from the 20th Anniversary Concert)
BME Masterclass
Hide and Seek
Live Aid 1985
Things Can Only Get Better with Ringo Starr
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